Search Engine Friendly

Everyone wants to have their website show up in the top ten when people search for their keyword. Since there are billions of websites on the internet, there is a lot of competition for the top spot.

Search engines, such as google or yahoo, want to get the best site at the top so that when someone searches for something they don't get a junk site. These search engines are composed of complicated algorithms that go through a site and look for certain things to see how useful the site is. A few of the things that the search engines are looking for are:

1.) A lot of text - Search engines like to see a lot of text on the pages of your website. This shows them that the site is not just a bunch of pictures but it has useful information about the keyword. The text should contain the keyword several times.

2.) Changing Material - Search engines like to see that your site is constantly changing and not just static. Text that changes after a few days will help you get higher up on the search engine. One way to do this is to have three or four or more different articles that rotate after a few days.

3.) Original Material - Search engines like to see text that's origional and not just articles that you found off of a different site.

4.) Several Back links - When a lot of other websites are linked to your website, the search engines assume this must mean that your website is useful and has good information on it because other people are using it as a resource.

Getting Indexed :

You need to get indexed before the search engine will know your website exists. There are a few ways to do this.

First of all in order to get indexed by the search engines you need another website that is already indexed to link to your website. Then when the search engine goes through that website again, it will see your link and go check out your site. Make sure that the site that links to yours is on a topic that is related or your site could get banned by the search engine and their site could get delisted.

If you don't have anyone that wants to put your link on their site you can write articles and submit them to article directories and those directories will link your articles to your website. If you submit your articles to several article directories, then you have several back links. Make sure to submit and article related to your website that is not located on your website.

So how do you check to see if your site is indexed by Google? In the Google search engine type: So for example if I want to see if webservicez is indexed by Google I'd type, If there are links then the site is indexed. If it says your search did not match any documents then your site is not indexed by Google which means that if someone types your keyword into your site won't show up.

One Marketing Strategy

If you want to get your website high on the search engines one idea is to write four articles, submit one of them to several article directories and then rotate the articles that you didn't submit on your home page. The article directories don't like it when you submit an article that's already on your site. By using this strategy you've covered all four of the criteria above.