Make Your Site Live

After you’ve made your website it’s not time to upload it to the internet.  There are two things you need in order to do this:

  1. A domain name – a domain name is the name that someone types into their browser to get to your website.  Example: to get to googles main website we type in into the browser.  This is also called a URL.
  2. A hosting service – a hosting service is someone who will put your website on the internet.

Both of these things costs money unless you get someone who already has a hosting provider to host your site also.  To find a hosting provider on the internet, type “web hosting provider” into the google search engine.  To find a domain name, do the same, type “domain name.”

To see if a domain name is available or to register one, one of the many sites you can go to is  Go to “Domain Registration” and type in what you want your domain name to be.  It will tell you what is available with that name.

A few hosting services are,, and

WebServicez can also host your site.  Contact us and we’ll work it out with you.  You still need to buy a domain name though.

Now after you have these two things it’s time to upload your html files and photos to your website.  Depending on what provider you chose there are a few ways to do this.  One of the easiest ways to do this that I’ve found is to first download Smart FTP.  A free download is located at  Once you have this opened, in the top where it says address, type in your domain name (URL) and then where it says login type your username and type your password where it says password.

Now you should have the folders on your computer on the left and the folders on your internet site on the right.  Drag and drop all of your html files and photos into the www folder on your internet site. 

Now type in your URL in an internet browser and your site should show up.  Remember the internet goes through your www folder and looks for “index.html.”  Your main home page should therefore be saved as index.html.